Well, someone DOESN'T like Sara Lee: the company itself.

They've announced they are becoming Hillshire Brands.

I don't know, the name Hillshire Farm in North America just doesn't have the same tone as sweet Sara Lee.

And, on top of that, Sara Lee bought Hillshire Farm in 1971. Now, they kick Sara out and bring in the farm.

Hillshire Farm also includes Jimmy Dean and Ball Park brands, plus the frozen desserts and other bakery products for which Sara Lee is known. And, of course they have a bakery in Owensboro at 25th and J.R. Miller.

But some experts are skeptical. Tim Ramey, a business analyst and former Sara Lee executive, said in a recent report, “There is furious rearrangement of deck chairs at Sara Lee … The company is shrinking and doesn’t have a great strategy for reversing that trend.”