55-year-old Miami Dade police officer Vicki Thomas had never seen anything like it. After being called to a Publix Supermarket, she was informed that Jessica Robles had filled up a grocery cart with hundreds of dollars worth of food and just walked right out of the store.

When Thomas confronted Robles and asked her why she had done this, Robles told her that it was because her children were hungry.

As a 23-year veteran of the Miami police force, Officer Thomas assumed she'd seen it all. But this was a first and when Robles mentioned her reasons for the theft, Thomas says she immediately thought of her grandchildren.

After escorting Robles to the squad car, Thomas went back into the store with her debit card and paid for $100 worth of the groceries. When she returned to the car with the food Robles burst into tears and hugged Thomas.

While Thomas did make it clear that she technically arrested Robles, the dollar amount for the groceries came to just under $300 so she just charged with a misdemeanor and agreed to a court appearance.

Thomas drove Robles home where her children excitedly help carry in the groceries.

Once the story aired, assistance started pouring in with viewers taking Robles on shopping sprees and one company even offering her a job.

And it all started because Officer Vicki Thomas showed up on the scene.