Kentucky Gets Real ID Extension Until October 2018
Beginning on January 22nd, federal law will require Real ID compliance to fly domestically and to visit federal facilities. Kentucky has asked for an extension beyond the January deadline and it has been granted.
Three Things Others Love But I Don’t [VIDEO]
I had the idea of writing a blog like this a couple of months ago. Disclaimer: Just because I don't like something, doesn't mean it isn't cool or inspiring to someone else. We can agree to disagree, here we go.
Murray State Named Best Four Year College in Kentucky
What school comes to mind when you think of four-year colleges in Kentucky? WKU? UK? Louisville? It turns out a university a little further in Western Kentucky has earned the distinction as being the best.
Natcher Parkway Construction to End Soon
13 miles. Okay, to be specific, it's 12.66 miles of ongoing construction on the Natcher Parkway that's now between the Hartford/Beaver Dam exit and the interchange for for the Western Kentucky Parkway. However far it is, I'm over it.
My Baby Book Revelations [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
Okay, as we get older, birthdays become less important. Yeah, I've already bypassed old 40 milestone, but I was wondering who else has a birthday on not just October 13th, but the 13th in general?
How Old is “Too Old” to Trick or Treat? [POLL]
I bet you the last time I went door to door for candy, on Halloween, it was in the 80's. By the time I reached I reached middle school, and even though my sister was six years younger than me, I gave up the ghost on trick or treating.