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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Confession time; I didn't until recently activate the "Do Not Disturb" while driving function on my iPhone. It even works if I'm not the one driving. It's that good. I'm confessing all this because April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.
The Advancement of Cell Phones
Cell phones have come a long way the last 20 years, I remember broadcasting from one of those big bag cell phones here at WBKR many years ago, and now the cell phones we use are smaller than your hand and you don't have to plug it in to the cigarette lighter in the car for it to work...
Helpful Hints For High Tech Devices
Have you ever dropped your cell phone into water? Your DVD won't play? I haven't dropped my cell phone into water yet thank goodness, but I've had many DVD's not wanting to play...I'm sure going to give this stuff a try! Check out this video for some helpful hints that may h…