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Chris Young, ‘Who I Am With You’ [Listen]
Chris Young's second single from the 'A.M.' album is similar to 'Aw Naw' in that it takes something he's done well across his first three studio albums and turns up the volume. 'Who I Am With You' is a big, soaring love ballad. It's a stark contrast to mo…
Chris Young Samples Local Favorite While In Canada [PHOTO]
Chris Young is currently in Canada for a two week trip promoting his latest album A.M. and touring. Of course, like most artists, he is sharing his experience thru Twitter and Instagram. A few days ago, he shared a photo of himself eating...poutine. Wait?!? What is poutine??
Chris Young Hospitalized
Chris Young is in a Denver-area hospital seeking treatment for a leg infection. The origin of the infection is not known, but the 'Aw Naw' singer will be spending the next 24 hours under medical watch.
Chris Young’s “Aw Naw” [VIDEO]
Chris Young's latest single, "Aw Naw" is the perfect summer,party song. It's such a fun song and needed a fun video, right?!?
Well, it is SUPER fun! Check out the cool twist they put on a regular ole gas station. You know what thou, I feel like the same thing has happened …
Chris Young’s Step Brother Carter Has a Band [Video]
I am always amazed at what you can learn from Facebook and Twitter.   And Saturday night I found out some cool news about Chris Young.  I follow Chris on Facebook and over the weekend he posted this . . ."If you're in Nashville go see my step brother Carter play in the band Young Cardinals.  Ex…

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