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Painted Photography: It Was My Grandmother’s Specialty
I learned some fascinating things about my grandmother while spending time with my mom on Mother's Day. First of all, there are several photos I remember growing up that always looked a little unusual to me, in that, while they were in color, they didn't seem to be like other color photos …
How Tad is Spending Friday! [Video]
I always make fun of Dave Spencer anytime he blogs about gout, his colonoscopy or any other ailment that big hypochondriac thinks he has.  But today, I am having surgery to repair an inguinal hernia.  Now, I am not going to lie.  I am a horrible patient.  I got this thing a year ago when I flew to F…
Dave’s Brushes with Greatness Gallery Part I [PHOTOS]
I have discovered an enormous amount of photos featuring myself and a number of country music stars. So, I've decided to share them with you. And because of the amount of pictures and stories that go with them, I'll break it up into a couple 0f installments.
Whose Arm Is Whose?
Completely by accident, our digital manager--Ashley, Chad, and myself were all in close proximity to one another in the lobby today. To say that what you're seeing below was noticeable would be a glaring understatement.
A Bug Flew Into My Ear; It Must Be Tuesday
What is the deal with Tuesdays, the insect world, and my face? Two weeks ago, some nondescript bug--I think it may have been a lightning bug--went straight up my nose! Now, I ask you, what, seriously, is the point in that?

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