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How to Spring Clean Your Finances [VIDEO]
Spring is in the air! It's time to clean up the house, clean out the closets and face all those documents that have been haunting you all winter.
Watch the video below for tips on what to keep and how to organize your finances!
Dear Dream House… It’s Just Not Going To Work Out
I've always loved looking at beautiful houses. I love the character of old homes and all of the detail of the woodwork and architecture they offer. There's a house here in town that I call my 'Dream House'.  It's a two-story, painted brick with columns in the front and a gorgeous porch. I've been kn…
Tax Code Changes in Kentucky – Is It Time?
In listening to Glenn Beck, heard daily on 1490 WOMI, I hear him brag and brag about living in Texas now where there is no state income tax. What he never mentions is there is a huge tax on food, something we don't have in Kentucky. While it won't touch the food tax,  Govenor Steve Be…