Erin’s Icy Stairs Are An Issue [VIDEO]
Okay, so I didn't move back to Owensboro until two and a half years after the ice storm. Up until now, all I've had to deal with on my stairs is some snow with some ice thrown in. This morning, a nice thin layer of glaze was covering my deck and my stairs. Uh oh!
Erin Grant Presents: Icy Stairs [VIDEO]
All right, since I showed you the snowy stairs, and since we got all that sleet and freezing rain after my first video, I now present what conditions have transpired since then. A couple of notes, at one point I say I'm going to "turn the camera off", uh, sorry. It was about 5…
My Family ICE! Experience [PHOTOS]
I have been through ICE! several times, so I already knew it was amazing! But, this weekend, I got to share the experience with my family. My mom, step-dad, sister, two nieces and Carsyn headed to Nashville for Gaylord's "A Country Christmas" and had a blast!
The little girls loved ICE! and…
See Frosty the Snowman at Gaylord Opryland’s ICE!
"Happy Birthday" and Merry Christmas!  If you're familiar with the story of Frosty the Snowman, you know that the guy with two eyes made out of coal rarely says "Merry Christmas!"  He always yells "Happy Birthday!"  Well, it's going to feel like both this year at Gaylor…

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