Jaclyn Graves

Barb Shows Off a Hat Hack With Help From Jaclyn [VIDEO]
In my house we have many hats. I mean a LOT of hats. Now, much of this is my fault as they make great gifts for my husband at the holidays. The problem is what to do with all of them? Then one day I saw this cool hack and I called up my dear friend Jaclyn, and we thought we'd share it with you …
Carsyn Makes Her Stage Debut [VIDEO]
I'm not sure who I was more nervous for, Jaclyn or Carsyn as they prepared to take the stage together for the very first time Saturday night, but there was no need to be nervous. Carsyn ROCKED it!
A Northern Girl in a Southern World
This is the pilot episode of the Differences Between North and South just in case you missed it last month! We will be filming the next installment about the Differences in the Weather so be looking for that video segment next Saturday!
BBQ Fest “Rockin’ On The River” Concert
This year at the International Bar-B-Q Festival, Rockin On The River is going to be an awesome concert! Friday, May 8th, the show will feature several local artists, on one stage, inside of the Owensboro Convention Center.
The show will feature Skylar Cain, Josh Merritt, Insulated, Andy Brasher and m…
Brasher Bogue Hosting “Real Friends” Concert at KMS
Last October, the boys of Brasher Bogue hosted a concert at Kentucky Motor Speedway, but the weather that night took a toll on the show. Well, we're heading back to Whitesville this Saturday to give er another shot!
If you haven't had the chance to check out our local talent, this is the sh…
The Worst Ultimate Dirty Santa Gift Ever! [Video]
Santa can be nice.  And, at our annual Ultimate Dirty Santa Party he can be downright naughty.  Just ask Barbara Grooms, who a couple of years ago got some pretty awful lumps of coal from Dirty Old Saint Nicholas!  Take a look at the video!  You won't believe what Barbara le…

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