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Luke Bryan Shares Son’s Piano Artwork Photo
Luke Bryan has been known to be slightly ornery and it appears that the apple doesn't far too far from the tree! Luke tweeted a photo Monday night of some artwork his son Bo did... on the piano! (Haha... it's always funny when it's someone else's kid, right?!?)
Take a look! Pretty…
Luke Bryan’s “Play It Again” Video
Want a sneak-peak at what it looks like behind the scenes and the view from the stage at a Luke Bryan concert? Well, Luke shows you all kinds of fun in his new video for his latest single, "Play It Again".
Take a look at pre-show fun and the amazing crowd of one of his sho…
Florida Georgia Line’s Latest Video Features Luke Bryan
Pretty sure we all know that if you put Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan together, a party is bound to happen! Sure enough, the "This Is How We Roll" video sums up how I think a get-together with those three together would go down, ha! I mean, who wouldn't want to party in the bed of a …
Luke Takes A Spill On Stage [VIDEO]
As someone who's performed on stage since six years-old, I have a constant fear of falling down while singing on stage. I'll never forget falling down the stairs during our Christmas program at church in high school... seriously, nightmares.
Turns out even mega-stars have a slip-up every now and then…
NASCAR News — Luke Bryant, Danica Patrick and More
It's coming. The 2014 NASCAR season. And, you'll hear all the exciting action every week on WBKR. Of course, WBKR will carry the Great American Race at Daytona. It's been announced  Luke Bryan will start the celebration by performing at the Budweiser Pre-Race Show on Feb. 23.

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