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Miranda Lambert, The Designer?!?
Miranda Lambert announced this morning that she'd be adding something new to her ever-impressive resume... shoe designer! Looks like she has joined forces with Rich Footwear Group to launch a new line of women's footwear in the U.S. and Canada.
Miranda will have her hand in designing casual and dress…
Stars’ Funny Tweets
The Twitterverse is full of funny folks tweeting. Among them are country stars like Blake Shelton, who is so funny he has I don't know, like a million followers. Last night, he tweeted, "In NYC since Monday ... drunk". True or false, that's funny...
Miranda’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” [Video]
Miranda Lambert's latest single, "Mama's Broken Heart" was one of my favorites from her "Four The Record" album from the first time I heard it. The song reminds me SO much of my Mom and her manners, that I actually LOL'd the first few times I listened to it!
The video for the song…

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