Holiday Drive-In Opening Soon in Reo
Some of my favorite memories were made at the Holiday Drive-In just across the blue bridge in Reo. With spring just around the corner I am wondering when they are going to open!-->
Group Wants Hollywood to Enable Filter for Violent Content
Parents have a simple option when it comes to their children not seeing violent movies or content, they can just not let them watch. However, streaming services do not filter violent content. In wake of recent school gun violence, one group wants to change that.
This Week’s Malco Cinema 16 Kids Summer Film Fest Pick
This week families can support St. Jude and take the whole family to the movies for $2 a person with the help of a big green ogre named Shrek. "Shrek Forever After" the most recent to the Shrek franchise will hit the big screen at 10AM at MalcoCinema 16 on South…
Bridesmaids Cameos A-Go-Go
This isn't really a review of the film, but a comment on what happens when I see various underrated actors in movies, I scream out their names! Dave Spencer and Chad Benefield can attest to the this; fortunately, they were NOT with me at Bridesmaids...
A Mother’s Day Supercut of Memorable Movie Moms [VIDEO]
Mother’s Day is upon us this Sunday and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with this Movie Moms Supercut from our friends at The Forward featuring some of the fiercest mothers in movie history, from Anjelica Huston's solid "Royal Tenenbaums" matriarch to Faye Dunaway's unsta…