randy houser

Major Concert Announcement!
Here at WBKR, we typically know all the scoop on the upcoming concerts in this area. But, every now and then even us DJ's get a concert surprise! This surprise has made my day! Y'all are gonna be soooo excited!
Coming to The Ford Center, Wednesday, February 11th is.....
Randy Houser’s “Like A Cowboy” Live [Video]
Confession time from Chad!  There are plenty of songs about summer on the radio right now and we, naturally, are playing the heck out of all them.  But, for me, my absolute favorite song of the summer is a ballad.  Not only is Randy Houser's "Like A Cowboy" one of my favorite songs of the …
Randy Houser’s ‘Goodnight Kiss’ [VIDEO]
I've loved Randy Houser's latest single from the first second I heard it. 'Goodnight Kiss' is one of my favorite songs that we're playing right now and the video is just as good!
It almost mirrors a date from "The Bachelor"... perfectly set up planning on th…

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