Remembering The Pre-Christmas Snowstorm Of 2004
This morning, I was reminded of what the weather was like twelve years ago right before Christmas, it was brutal. We rarely see a white Christmas around these parts, but in 2004, holiday travel was at a snail's pace or a standstill. Oh, what a ride!
Erin Grant Presents: Icy Stairs [VIDEO]
All right, since I showed you the snowy stairs, and since we got all that sleet and freezing rain after my first video, I now present what conditions have transpired since then. A couple of notes, at one point I say I'm going to "turn the camera off", uh, sorry. It was about 5…
Erin Grant Presents: Snow Stairs [VIDEO]
Since I was all open about my experience during the ice storm last week, I thought I would take a moment and show everyone what conditions I deal with outside my apartment when it snows. Take a look.

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