Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Presale Code [PHOTO]
We announced earlier this week that Willie Nelson is coming to the Ford Center on Monday, June 5.  Tickets go on sale Friday, March 10, but we have your presale code right here!
Willie And Merle Release New Music Video
Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard pretty much do whatever they want, am I right? The two living legends always have done things their own way, why stop now? Willie and Merle are releasing a new album, "Django and Jimmie" on June 2nd and I am more than excited about it!
Today, on 4/20, they re…
Watch Willie Nelson’s Card Trick [VIDEO]
I see some pretty random things scroll across my Facebook timeline, but every now and then, something catches my eye. A video of Willie Nelson doing a card trick will do it every time, ha!
My favorite part isn't even the trick, even thou it's awesome! My favorite part is just watching him a…
Willie Nelson Turns 81 And Did What?
Willie Nelson is one of the most decorated artist in any genre of music. This week, the living legend turns 81 years old and you're not going to believe what he did! And, don't worry, he didn't cut off his trademark braids, ha!
To be 81 years old and still be touring the country like he does, we all …
And The Next Bachelor Is… Or At Least Should Be… Country
I've been a fan of ABC's The Bachelor for many, many years. Judge me if you want, but I think the show is completely entertaining. Sure, there haven't been many success stories to come out of the show, but I just can't seem to turn away. I'll be honest, I have stopped watching this season. No offens…
Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss Concert Companions
Chad and I agreed this morning this is an odd concert combo - Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss and Union Station. But, it's true. They are doing a ton of shows together this spring and summer and it starts in Murray May 1. Exciting new artist Kacey Musgraves will be on some of the shows, unfortu…

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