While doing my live broadcast yesterday, I received a text from my sister that cracked me up. It said, "I'M SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THE ROAD CLOSINGS!!!" Wait, let me check. Yes, it did come with three exclamation points. Don't want to short-change. But, yeah, it was funny because I had said that just the other day as I was trying to get from the WBKR studios to the bypass; I go the back way--up Byers to New Hartford. Well, I did, anyway. That was until all the street repair work began at Byers and Veach Road. And, hey, I get it. This stuff has to be done. I just didn't realize how dependent I was--we all were--on this particular artery until it was gone. But the option to drive the entire length of Byers Avenue has returned, albeit briefly. The well-travelled intersection has re-opened and will remain open until July 5th when work on  road and storm water improvements resumes. This will accommodate an expected heavier holiday weekend traffic load. Whew! Let freedom (to travel through Byers and Veach) ring!