I've been following Comic-Con--the big convention in San Diego where actors, producers, writers, and just about anyone else connected with upcoming sc-fi, horror, or action movies or TV shows gather to meet fans and showcase premieres of previews or trailers for their upcoming projects.

I would LOVE to go, but Lord knows how much that would cost. Instead, I look in via all forms of media to find out what kind of cool movies or TV specials or series are on the slate for the near future.

This year, the one item that most piqued my interest was the premiere of the trailer for the fourth season of The Walking Dead.

As of this posting,  the October 13th season premiere of what I consider to be the best television series I have EVER seen is a mere 77 days away...but who's counting.

I've enjoyed great television before, but I've never gone all fan-boy like I have for The Walking Dead. What it's done with the zombie genre--and, of course, on the show they're called "walkers"--is revolutionary, relatively speaking.

Anyway, the trailer for the new season premiered last weekend at Comic-Con and was an instant hit. I would imagine The Walking Dead is the main reason some went in the first place.

Make that 76 days...and 23 hours. But, again, who's counting?