Unclaimed cash to the tune of $58 billion is just sitting out there and some of it could belong to you. That's right. How is this possible, you might ask?

Well, the loot comes from a variety of sources. It's tied up in unclaimed state-held property, life insurance benefits, U.S. savings bonds, pensions, tax refunds, or overbid proceeds from tax liens or foreclosures. So, how in the world could any of this money belong to you without you knowing about it?

Great question.

To get the answers, you go to any of a collection of websites like unclaimed.org, treasuryhunt.gov, or missingmoney.com. There are likely others, but I'd try there first. I've just looked at unclaimed.org and its front page is a map of the United States, so I'm assuming you click on your state and go from there.

Last year, someone from Connecticut looked into this and received nearly $33 million from stock sales. So give it a shot and see what happens.