Eddie Rabbit performs \"Every Which Way but Loose\" When it comes to classic Country Eddie Rabbit is at the top of the heap, but he has added so much more to our lives then just great tunes. Now don't get me wrong, "Driving My Life Away", "Someone Can Lose A Heart Tonight", and "Rocky Mountain Music" are some of my faves but we also have something else to thank Mr. Rabbit for......the musical theme that represents a certain film saga starring Clint Eastwood and his fuzzy orange friend.

O.K. so Eddie Rabbit didn't write the film scripts or star in the films but he did give us the theme music that always brings happy images of the beautiful friendship that can only exist between a man and his orangutan. I may sound a little sarcastic but I'm completely serious. My brother ,who is a die hard Clint Eastwood fan, and I recently devoted an entire evening to the complete "Every Which Way But Loose" saga. (Regardless of the fact that its a Rotten Tomatoes bad movie rating website favortie) Thank you Eddie Rabbit for all the childhood memories and the brotherly or orangutangular love! Listen up today for "Every Which Way But Loose", and don't mess with Clyde.