For many, many a year my morning newspaper ritual always included coffee and the funnies. I had to see what was going on with "Calvin and Hobbes," what was happening in "Bloom County," and what weird trippy ideas Gary Larson had come up with in the latest installment of "The Far Side." Those three are long gone now. And they were my favorites. And because I had to read THEM, I read just about everything else as well. And then the king of the comics, Charles Schulz, died and "Peanuts" went into reruns. So, I haven't been reading the funnies for a while. But I learned today that "Family Circus" creator Bil Keane passed away at the age of 89. Now, "Family Circus" was never one of my favorites, but I read it along with the rest when I was reading the comics. Nonetheless, it's sad to see a legend like Keane pass on. For one thing, his iconic strip has been around my entire life. Obviously, his death doesn't necessarily mean the strip will come to an end. But it might, and its look will certainly change if it doesn't. Rest in peace, Mr. Keane. The circus has left town.