Brad Paisley was in New York visiting Fox News' Dana Perino. Dana tweeted this pic of Brad and man is he buff now. He must have been using the Kenny Chesney - Tim McGraw workout DVDs on the bus. When I first met him he was nowhere near that muscular. That was in Wichita, Kansas July 4th, 1999. I was at KFDI and we were celebrating our anniversary in the local Sedgewick County park. There was thousands of people on hand to see our headline act: Janie Fricke!  Brad, since he was just starting out, was a small stage performer. In face he sang under a picnic canopy!  There were twenty people tops watching him sing. Just him and his guitar.  Johnny Western, of "Have Gun Will Travel" them fame worked for me as a deejay there. After Brad's performance we sat in a tour bus while Brad and Johnny sang and picked. I asked Brad to play one of my favorite guitar riffs the intro to "El Paso".  It was great. I've into Brad a few time since and he is always very gracious to remember that day in the park. Now, Dana is a country fan. Long before she moved to Washington D>C. and was former President Bush's press secretary, she used to work at a country radio station in Grand Junction, Colorado. Dana, if you ever need a gig, call me!