Ok, Dad's Day is a week from Sunday. Are you ready? Don't ignore him again. He may act tough and act like your forgetfulness doesn't bother him ... but it does.

Let's see what we can get him.

Quality time together.


I know that thought drives some of you nuts. But, believe me, the day will come when you wish you had spent more time with father. If this is your gift, fine. But you might spring a buck or two also.

Gift Cards


This is a winner. Dad is grateful. He can get what he wants. You don't waste time and money finding something he will never use.

Send a text

Definitely better than nothing. Better than forgetting! Please add 'I love you','You're the Greatest!", or a message like that instead of just "Happy Father's Day."

Don't be cheap.

In America, the average Mother's Day gift costs $68, dad's is $61. Let's be equal.

(Photos by iStock and Moon)