Okay, so we go, like, 63 YEARS without a single raindrop, and, all of a sudden, the sky opens up and dumps a ginormous amount of rain on Owensboro.

We'd gotten a little taste of the wet stuff on Sunday evening when, for all of 20 minutes, there was rain. And I stood out in it for the duration, knowing full well that was going to be it. The drops were just too intermittent.

But on Monday afternoon, a much different story unfolded. I was broadcasting from Marvin's Fireworks on Scherm Road and it began to get dark. Then the wind started picking up. And it got darker. Then there was thunder and lightning. I mean, we had a full show. All the opening acts were performing admirably.

But no rain.

So I donned a red, white, & blue Hawaiian lei and did a rain dance in the parking lot. And it was really The Twist--it's all I know. Well, within 15 minutes, CHA-BAMM!

Gully washer alert!

In fact, it had been so long since I SAW any rain like that, I grabbed the mobile device and recorded it.

Rain. I actually recorded rain.

And it felt so good. And David Nail's "Let It Rain" was on the radio. It was perfect.

And silly.

But perfect.