Uh oh!  You and I have been arrested.  Picture it.  We are in the back seat of a squad car, handcuffed, and you turn to me to say something . . . anything.  However, whatever you say can only contain FOUR words.  What are they?  This was our question last week on our Facebook Tad Poll and we received some hilarious responses.  Check out some of my favorites!

First of all, this was the meme we posted on Facebook.

Now, a few of you quickly realized that the word "police" was misspelled and scolded us.  And, congratulations!  You are correct.  But guess what?  This isn't the 3rd grade spelling bee and you don't get a blue ribbon or gold star.  LOL!  Come on.  Give us a little credit here, Peeps.  We didn't create the meme at WBKR.  We simply lifted it off Facebook.  Instead of getting giving us grief and busting our chops, you should have joined in the FUN because that's what it was for and we got some hysterical responses.  Check these out!

Ricky Evans and I apparently spent the evening mooning people on South Frederica or streaking through a wedding reception at the Owensboro Country Club.  His response:  Dude!  Where's my pants?

Angie Fischer is obviously brand new to criminal activity and had no idea I was going to land her in the back of Officer Friendly's cruiser.  Her response was an exercise in repetition: Crap!  Crap! Crap! CRAP!!  I hope, for my sake, that was just an exclamation and not a declaration of activity.

Lonnie Carneal didn't just blame me.  He blamed the radio station too: Oh, hell 92.5!
It's good to know that if Skipper and Gilligan are going down, the ship's coming with us.

Maranda Durall and I apparently had quite an eventful evening.  I'm pretty sure she and I may have ended up in the movie The Hangover.  Her response was a question: Why are we naked? Hmmm . . . I have no idea Maranda.  And, since we're on the subject, where are Ricky's pants?

Jared Redmon is already convinced we are going to do hard time.  We haven't even been officially booked and charged yet and he's worrying about his nutrition: I hate jail food!  Jared, I have a hunch the food is going to suck too, but I am more worried about the guy in our holding cell who has a tattoo of a falling tear under his left eye.

Lori Gaddis obviously watches a ton of Nancy Grace or has been to law school.  She seems to instinctively know the upcoming sequence of events.  She asks:  What time is pre-trial?

Wyatt Decker has no remorse at all for what he and I have done and we can tell he's going to be a repeat offender.  There is no shame in his game as he screams: That was #$@%ing awesome!  And, you're right, Wyatt.  It was.  But we're going to jail now and our names are going to be in the newspaper.

Brett Wharff, our new WBKR part-timer, is confused.  His question suggests he was actually partying with Moon . . . not me: Hand me the flask.

Josh Brust and I seemed to have shared a little "Hugh Grant" moment.  He asks: You were a dude?

And, finally, Leisa Prater, one of my cruise friends, decided to invoke to go-to saying of our friend Kevin, who lays out his mantra anytime a situation is too out of control, tragic, unfortunate or heated: Jesus, be a raindrop!