So, you think living in Kentucky is tough? Nah, it's cheap. Want to live in Hawaii? Most expensive state in the union. According to a report by  CNBC, which studied how much it cost for  the average home, gallon of milk and some ground beef, monthly energy bill rates and a typical doctors' appointment and they come up with the most expensive states to live. NUMBER ONE, drum roll please


Hawaii, great place to visit but will cost you a ton of dough. Here's the rest of the top ten.
2. Alaska
3. Connecticut
4. New York
5. New Jersey
6. California
7. Rhode Island
8. Massachusetts
9. Maryland
10. Vermont

10 Least Expensive States to Live

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. I have lived in Oklahoma and I don't care how cheap it is I don't want to go back! I love the people but not the weather!  I have lived in the second ranked state, too. Tennessee! Loved it. Go back anytime.

Now where is Kentucky? Third! Tied with Idaho but that's cause their taters are so cheap. The rest:

5. Nebraska
6. Indiana
7. (tie) Arkansas
7. (tie) Kansas
9. Texas
10. Mississippi

I have lived in Kansas on three different occasions, once in Kansas City and twice in Wichita. Give #9, born and raised in the Lone Star State and proud of it!

But this month I am starting my eighteenth year in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and buddy, it don't get no better.

"You take a K and an E and an N and a T and a U and a C-K-Y, and that spells Kentucky, and it means Paradise!" -- Merle Travis