Let's hear it for Candice Rice!  Wednesday afternoon, she broke the CODE to win tickets to see Eric Church's "Blood, Sweat and Beers" Tour, Thursday, April 19th at The Ford Center in Evansville.  And let's give Candice some mad props for figuring out the method to our madness.  She guessed 34-27-19!  Wanna know why she chose those numbers?  Listen as she wins with Dave Spencer!

As Hannibal Lecter would say, Candice . . . "You're a very clever girl!"

Yes!  This week's CODE 34-27-19 consisted of Eric Church's age, Brantley Gilbert's and their concert date.

A new game of CODEBREAKERS begins Monday morning here on WBKR.  Download your official gamepiece by CLICKING HERE, so you can play along!  And listen to The WBKR Waking Crew Friday morning when Moon and Chad reveal what you'll be playing for.