I was watching Animal Planet late one night and there was some show on featuring real-life horror stories about pets. It seems like every time I land on AP, it's always a different show and one that can keep my attention.

Well, this particular segment was about a family that had a Burmese python as a pet. Okay, I don't care how cool some people think it is to keep one of those things in the house. I strongly disagree.

But this family also had a young child. And, you guessed it, that snake got out of its container--or whatever it is you used to hold those things--and made it's way to the child's bedroom. Luckily, the parents got there in time. And yes, the python was removed from the home.

So, now I've run across a video...about a python...and I'm not pleased. It's only 13 seconds long, but that was enough for me. DOGS can't open doors. CATS can't open doors.

But this python can!