Two years ago, the relatively young Kentucky Wildcats took out a solid Notre Dame squad on a neutral court--in Louisville--by a score of 72-58. That was very impressive, especially later in the season when the Fighting Irish earned a #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Now, an experienced group of Irish will welcome the very young Kentucky Wildcats to its home court in South Bend.

While the 'Cats are a very talented bunch, they haven't defended very well against their better competition. Plus, this Notre Dame team is a veteran bunch. While the Irish may not be as purely talented as Big Blue, they are a good team and playing on a home court that has seen them lose only once in the last 41 games.

Last season, a lesser group of Irish took out then-#1 and undefeated Syracuse. While the Wildcats likely understand the need to play smart and poised and mature, they are largely freshmen and there will be mistakes. Most of the guys who will be on the court tonight for Kentucky are 18 years old.

But maybe there's hope.

Maybe, just maaaayyyyybbbeeee, the Fighting Irish will be in a "football fog." In six weeks, this legendary football school will be playing in its first national championship game in 24 years. That's 10 years longer than Kentucky had to wait when it won it all last year. And Big Blue Nation's eyes were rolling around in its collective head.

The Irish cooooooould be caught up in unprecedented--for many, it will be--excitement, so much so that they won't be concentrating.

Obviously, I'm kidding.

Yes, Notre Dame is a football school and yes the fans are rightfully thrilled at the gridiron success this season has brought them. But nobody, and I mean NObody, looks the other way when Kentucky comes to call. Every school brings it against the 'Cats.

And the UK youngsters had better be prepared.

Hear the game on WBKR at 6. The pre-game is at 4:30 on 1490 WOMI.