Before you ask, it wasn't me. I've only purchased a handful of lottery tickets in my life and I've never won a single dollar back. My odds of winning at Ellis Park have been better in the last few years. The investigation into exactly who matched five numbers during last week's Powerball drawing is short, but it catches my curiosity.

Last Wednesday's Powerball jackpot was worth $171 million. Sometimes when the total gets that high, I'll buy a ticket, maybe two, but I always check my numbers late. You see, I always forget I buy the darn things! Thus, I did not purchase a ticket last week. However, someone in my hometown purchased a $1 million ticket at Shamrocks, which was formerly called Charlie's Family Market. It's on the edge of town as you leave Hartford on Hwy 231 or it's the first convenience store as you get into town. In other words, blink and you'll miss it. I recall going in there once, a long time ago.

If he or she claims the money, WHERE THE BLEEP ARE YOU?!?, Shamrocks will receive one percent or $10,000 of the total won. If someone threw it away, oh boy! The winner has 180 days to claim the winning ticket. Also, the name of the winner does not have to be made public.

For those of us who are still dreaming of the ultimate windfall, this Wednesday's Powerball drawing is estimated to be worth $225 million. Perhaps, I should make a trip home to buy my tickets this time. Yes, I'll play responsibly.