Hurricane Florence has been dominating the news this week.  The storm grew to a Category 4 a few days ago and then barreled onto the east coast as a Category 2 storm.  Hurricanes, luckily, are not something we usually have to deal with here in the tristate area.  However, ten years ago, we did.  It was September 14th, 2008 when remnants of Hurricane Ike blasted their way to the WBKR listening area.  The winds were absolutely ferocious with gusts above 70 miles per hour.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Here in Owensboro, we had the third highest recorded wind gust from that storm.  We had a 73 mph gust confirmed by Daviess County Emergency Management.  Madisonville had gusts of 65 miles per hour.  Evansville topped out at 64 mph and Newburgh had a 55 mph gust.  And the damage, as you'll remember, was significant.

According to the National Weather Service, "The remnants of Hurricane Ike brought strong and damaging winds to southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, southwest Indiana and western Kentucky.  There were many reports of widespread tree damage, trees down, power lines down, roof damage and mobile home damage."

It seems like such a strange question to ask, but did YOU have hurricane damage?


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