How did I miss this?  Seriously?  Early this morning, my sister Kaci tagged me in a Facebook post that contained this video.  Back in April, 16-year-old Marlane VanHoose  performed the "Star-Spangled Banner" before a University of Kentucky women's basketball game.  But what makes Marlane's performance so special is the fact that she is blind and disabled.  But her voice!  My goodness.  Her voice!  This girl is sensational and her rendition of this song in this setting moved me to tears.  Just like it did my sister.

Now, chances are you have already seen this.  I noticed that this video has had over 400,000 shares on Facebook and the YouTube video has been viewed nearly a half million times.  But a rendition like this is worth revisiting over and over again.  And, if you're seeing it for the first time like me, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Where have I been?"

We are just a couple of weeks away from the start of college football season and just a couple of months away from college basketball season.  We know the National Anthem is going to be performed before every game.  I hope the Wildcats invite Marlane back for an encore performance.

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