UPDATE: Hamilton is HOME (11/27) Hamilton has found himself alone for the last five days. He's a Jack Russell and is partially blind and deaf. He was spotted this morning on the east side of Owensboro. He's from my neighborhood. Can you help bring him home?

Karen Stauffer‎
Karen Stauffer‎

This sweet senior decided at the age of 17-years-old to go on an adventure. His parents are in Florida and he's missing them badly. He decided to head out to find them. He didn't make it too far, luckily. He went on his search on Friday, November 22nd, 2019 and was last seen this morning on Foors Lane in Owensboro.

His home is at 4720 Loftwood Dr ( Hillcrest area). He's wearing an invisible fence and blue collar with Georgia vet tags. There are so many out there looking for this sweet pup. If you have any information please call the Stauffer family at (229) 224-0411.

Hamilton must be so scared on a rainy and stormy night. His family is very scared and they want to bring him home. He is a little skittish. Being partially blind and deaf, he just doesn't understand his surroundings. Don't chase. Please try a treat or some food to get him to come closer. This baby isn't meant to be out there all by himself.

Thank you for keeping your eyes out for this senior pup. Hamilton needs to get home very soon.



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