On Christmas Day a sweet pup was dumped at the Daviess County Animal Shelter. The next day the dog was nowhere to be found and all that remained is the collar, blanket, and bowl of dog food. Here's how all of this could have been avoided.


Yesterday, the Daviess County Animal Shelter shared the sad story about an abandoned pup that has since gone missing. On a very cold Christmas Day, December 25th, 2020 a dog was dumped at the shelter. Devastated shelter employees found the evidence the next morning. It was all there, the collar which was snagged on the fence, the blanket and bowl. I'm going to name the pup Rudy (after Rudolph) as I write this article.

I would never cast judgement on the owners fateful decision. I have no idea what the family was going through when they decided to do this. They may have felt that they had no other option at the time, but it is illegal to dump animals, and Rudy deserved better. Can you imagine how scared Rudy is right now. It has now been five long days of being out in the elements. I pray that Rudy is safe and in a loving home. Ready to start a new life.

If you were the previous owner of Rudy, please message me what he/she looks like. We need to be on the lookout to help get this sweet baby out of the elements. I promise that this is a no judgement zone. Your information will be safe with me. I'm sure you would want to know that Rudy is okay. I pray that you do the right thing.


The Daviess County Animal Shelter released a statement yesterday about the incident.

Dumping dogs is illegal. Period. No matter where you choose to dump them it's illegal.
The shelter was closed for Christmas and someone decided that it would be the perfect day to dump their dog at the shelter, outside, with no shelter and no water, when its 20 degrees outside.
Unfortunately, the dog was no where to be found when staff arrived the next day. So now the dog is not only without food, water and shelter it's at risk of getting hit by a car, starving or freezing to death.

The shelter is normally open 6 days a week. Hours of operation is on the shelter's voicemail and the County website, www.daviessky.org.

As a government agency the shelter is closed on major holidays.

If you need assistance with an aggressive or injured animal, when the shelter is closed, call Central Dispatch at 270-687-8888 #4. They will reach out to Animal Control when needed. If it's your own animal or a non-emergency you need to wait until the shelter is open for business.

Shelter employees come in to care for the animals 365 days a year.
Please be kind. Animals do not deserve to be treated this way.

Daviess County Animal Shelter
2620 Hwy 81
Owensboro Ky 42301

If we find out any additional information we will pass it along to you.

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