You better watch out, you better not CRY, better not POUT, I'm telling you why...Santa Claus is coming to town! Apparently, these kids and even Santa missed the memo!


It's almost a rite of passage for most kids to have at least one Santa photo where they are losing their ever-loving crap while trying their best to get away from the guy that shimmies down the chimney to drop off free gifts each year.  Let's be honest, he's kind of overwhelming even to us adults.  I mean you're basically handing your kiddo off to a Santa who they've never met and asking you to "SMILE".  You put me in a stranger's lap and I might cry too unless it was Rip from Yellowstone.  I'd sit in his lap.


You have to ask yourself "should we be laughing while our kids are traumatized?"  To be honest my kids don't even remember the experience but we sure have it in photos to remind them.  Lots of other parents do to and it seems those are the photos that get pulled out year after year and laughed about during the holidays.


Can you imagine being Santa during the holidays?  He has a tough job.  Not only does he have to deliver presents but he has to make appearances for all these kiddos and some of them don't even want to see him.  You'll notice in some of the photos we've gathered that Santa and even Mrs. Claus have about had it.  Rightfully SO!

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You better watch out, you better not CRY, better not POUT, I'm telling you why...Santa Claus is coming to town! Apparently,these kids missed the memo!

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