Romp Fest 2017 was my first time attending this amazing outdoor Bluegrass Festival, and let me tell you it was amazing! Not only was the music out of this world but so was the food! Oh Em Gee. Seriously. I dove into the world of Food Trucks and booths hard this past weekend and it was nothing short of glorious. Foodies you are in the right place...

1) Pizza by the Pizza Revolution
This is where I started. Being a huge fan of pizza, I, of course, had tried, and loved, the Pizza Revolution in the past. Again, they did not disappoint. From anything to a pepperoni pizza to margarita to a fig 'n' pig, the Pizza Revolution does what it suggests: revolutionizes pizza.

Pizza Revolution, photo by Sunny Richardson

2.) Gyros
I didn't personally get to try these, but Euros were a huge hit at ROMP Fest this year. It seemed like everywhere I went somebody had a Euro! Anyway, they look delicious enough but after the pizza, I was pretty full.

Euro from Romp Fest photo by Sunny Richardson

3) All American food from Ole South BBQ
Again, not a place I got to eat at, but it also seemed like a popular destination for ROMP Festers! Offering a variety of American style foods including burgers, fries, BLTS, and Chicken strips, Ole South was a hit!

Ole South Foods photo by Sunny Richardson

4) Every kind of Grilled Cheese You Never Knew You Needed
This place from Lousiville called "Lil Cheezers" delivered a mouth-watering twist on grilled cheese sandwiches. Offering anything from a regular grilled cheese to a bacon grilled cheese sandwich, this place was packed. Rightly so. Who doesn't love bread and cheese and variations of it? I'll tell you who, nobody.

Lil Cheezers Bacon Grilled Cheese photo by Sunny Richardson

5) The Brisket Grilled Cheese from Fresh by Gene's
I saved the best for last. My husband ended up ordering a brisket grilled cheese sandwich from Fresh by Gene's and let me tell you, it is probably the best festival food to have ever entered my mouth hole. It was so good I seriously wanted to cry tears of joy.

Brisket Grilled Cheese by Fresh by Gene's. Photo by Sunny Richardson.

Due to my lack of photographs (some vendors were sold out of their hot foods), I am making an honorable mentions statement here! Also catered were vegan-friendly foods, tamales, Moon Lite BBQ, homemade ice cream, icies, and more! Thank you to all of the vendors who came down to ROMP Fest 2017 and helped to make it an experience of a lifetime for me!

BONUS: If you're unfamiliar with ROMP Fest, check out a few clips of music by the Steeldrivers from ROMP 2017!