Punky Brewster was the Jojo Siwa of the '80s.  Little girls everywhere loved her and wanted to be her.  It's only fitting she make a comeback in the Punky Brewster Reboot.

People instantly fell in love with Punky's fun-loving spirit.  She was an orphan after her dad left and her mother abandoned her at a mall.  She was left to fend for herself until she met her friend Cherie, Cherie's grandmother, and Henry, the apartment manager, where they all lived.

Henry ends up discovering Punky living in the apartment directly across from his and on into the show he adopts her.  I won't spoil it all but it will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

The show aired from 1884-1988.  I am pretty sure I owned Punky Brewster high top sneakers and a Punky t-shirt.

It is super exciting that the show is getting a reboot.  Solei Moon Frye (Punky) is now grown up, a mother, and divorced.  Also coming back to the show Punky's BFF Cherie, who I had no idea until I started looking at photos also played in Family Matters.

The show will air on Thursday, February 25, on the Peacock streaming service.  Right now there are ten episodes recorded of the reboot.

Did you watch Punky growing up?  What was your favorite '80s sitcom.  Head to the WBKR Facebook page and tell us!

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