What is the deal with Tuesdays, the insect world, and my face? Two weeks ago, some nondescript bug--I think it may have been a lightning bug--went straight up my nose! Now, I ask you, what, seriously, is the point in that?


For one thing, it's gross. Secondly, there's hardly any room to move.  And, now that I think about it, I never saw its light, but maybe they don't light up during the day. ANYway, I would have preferred it had stayed out of my face. And I also would have preferred that it put the word out to all its six-legged friends. Apparently, their e-mail was down.

Last Tuesday, when I was out at Golfland for the Hospice of Western Kentucky road show, a fly went right into my mouth--WHILE I WAS ON THE AIR! That's hardly sporting. It's not like I can start spitting and carrying on and having you, the listeners, wonder what in the world is happening to me.

But, then again, that's exactly what I did. It reminded me of what my grandmother used to say when that sort of thing happened: "Well, at least it's protein."

So, today I walked in the front door of the radio station after getting lunch, and a moth went right into my ear. Now, I don't get this. I thought moths were only out at night. In fact, I've always thought they were really weird in that they only come out at night but have to be around light. Why do they make things so difficult for themselves?

Anyway, I digress. I'm sending out a decree that all bugs shall remain at a good, safe distant from my head. I will get a restraining order if necessary.

I mean, come on, they have like 50 eyes! Can't they see where they're going?