Okay, so, yeah, I missed Reading Across America Day. By, like, more than a month. But I read all the time. And so do the kids at Deer Park Elementary.

So while there is a special day, EVERY day is a good day to go read to the kids.

Wednesday morning, I spent some time at Deer Park with four kindergarten classes.

Ms. Ball, Ms. Boling, Ms. Falloway, and Ms. Fulkerson divided the classes into two groups.

In the first session I read "Pete the Cat" and that afforded an opportunity to learn that many of the kids in the group played musical instruments. (Pete the Cat carried a guitar around.)

Up next we learned about the seasons with "Tree." And I found out that the class takes field trips to study trees. And, yes, the legendary sassafras tree on Frederica has been paid such a visit. Very cool.

Who didn't love field trips, right?

Julia Boling

In the second group, I began with a classic, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," heading into its 39th year of publication.

It's one that got us all talking about our favorite foods. Never a bad idea.

Mischelle Falloway

Next up, I had a request. Normally, when I get a request, it's for a song. But in a classroom, it was a book.

One of the students--a young lady named Brynn Dennis--requested I read "You're Here for a Reason." I'd never heard of it, but what a tremendous book for kids. It's so wise, yet perfectly understandable for elementary school children.

Mischelle Falloway

I had a great time with the kids at Deer Park Elementary and look forward to the next time.