I guess the city of Owensboro just likes to do things a little differently. I'm referring to our two most notable tornadoes. They've happened in the middle of winter--January 3rd, 2000--and the middle of my favorite month--October 18th, 2007.

That's right. It was 10 years ago today when an EF3 tornado moved through Owensboro and Daviess County, destroying mobile homes, tearing the roof off the Budget Inn, eradicating the building that housed Martin's Bar, and doing significant damage to a couple of churches--including Third Baptist Church, which saw its steeple collapse through the roof and into the sanctuary.

National Weather Service/Third Baptist Church

The tornado was part of a severe weather outbreak that caused a lot of damage throughout Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois.

Take a look at a National Weather Service map from 7PM that day. It's that line of storms that stretched from just north of Evansville down to the Tennessee line that would eventually move into the city and wreak havoc.

National Weather Service

And here's some home video plus pictures from vickielh12 on YouTube:

Hard to believe it's been 10 years, isn't it?