I'm sure by now you've see the "10 Bands I've Seen, One is a Lie" meme/quiz on Facebook. It's fun, but did you know you may be giving out some possible sensitive information

Here's the deal. When you sign up for a password-based service such Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. you set a password, but then, if you happen to forget your password, you get the old security question prompt. And these could range from, "what was your first pet's name?" to "what's the name of the street you grew up on?" Hackers can possibly steal your security answer, thus breaking in to your account. While the "what's a band you've seen in concert?" question might seem harmless, it could crop up in a security question.

The best advice is to set the band meme to private or set it to where only your close friends can see it. This could be with any quiz you answer. I love these quizzes but I'm going to think twice before I answer one again. And if you do decide to answer a quiz or security question, just type a nonsense answer or, a lie. In short, the bands meme is fun, but it's a source of borderline personal information. Do what we all use to do, send the quiz/meme in an email.

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