Michigan was a big concern. They shoot threes with the frequency that most of us inhale and exhale. And the Wolverines' Nik Stauskas did just that. He's just tough to stop. So, you either look elsewhere and just let him go ahead and do his damage, or, well, you outshoot him. Or them.

And when the game is tied with 5 seconds left on the clock, you get it to Aaron Harrison so he can cold-bloodedly drain the three that will send 8-seed Kentucky in its third Final Four in four years.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt--if you're John Calipari--to hide a talented, reliable player for most of the season until you need him. That way he doesn't show up on your opponent's scouting report.

Say hello to freshman forward Marcus Lee...he of the 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks. The guy who didn't even play in five of Kentucky's last 10 regular season games. The guy who--according to John Calipari in a post-game press conference I really had to hunt for to find--was going to be talked about all over the world.

Well, Cal, I don't think word of this game is of much interest in lower Tasmania, but I get the slightly hyperbolic point.

That's because I was MORE than slightly hyperbolic when Lee was almost casually knocking down shots and scooping up boards. He also swatted a couple away for good measure.

Where did any of THIS come from?

Well, I guess that's a question that's been asked to death this entire tournament, seeing as how these Kentucky Wildcats lost 10 regular season games, lost on March 1st to 14-20 South Carolina, and were swept by Arkansas which lost in the second round of the NIT.

So I'm done with "where did any of this come from?"

This is enjoyable. And not just because it's a team from the Bluegrass having all this incredible success. It's also because these Kentucky Wildcats are making this fan of college basketball very happy because of the GREAT games in which they've been involved.

They've beaten three Final Four-caliber teams in exciting fashion--teams that played WELL and still fell to the Cats. If you're a college hoops fan, how can you not like what you've seen?

Kentucky is the first team to eliminate the prior year's champ and runner-up in the same tournament. And with the defeat of Wichita State, they've eliminated 75% of last year's Final Four.

Again, Michigan, Louisville, and Wichita State did not play poorly against Kentucky and UK still won.


Where did any of this come from?

Oh, wait, sorry.

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