There's nothing like watching a movie at a drive-in theater, and Owensboro once covered the city's four corners with them.

We had the Starlight, the Cardinal, the Oasis, and the Owensboro Drive-In. I only remember seeing a movie at the Cardinal. It's where Glenn Funeral Home is now. The movie was Blackbeard's Ghost. I saw a LOT of live-action Disney when I was a kiddo. And a lot THOSE movies were shown at drive-ins back in the day.

Fortunately, drive-in theaters are not a thing of the past that STAYED in the past. Generation after generation has appreciated that particular type of movie-going experience. It's one reason the Holiday Drive-In across the river in Reo IN remains a hot ticket in 2024.

A Kentucky Drive-In Whose Best Days Are Behind It

Sadly, there IS a number of old drive-ins that have bitten the dust, and their remains still stand, for better or worse. These guys found one in Winchester KY, and found no obstacles to their investigation. Let's join them:

Until it shut down in 2015, it was Kentucky's oldest operating drive-in theater, having opened in 1948. These investigators got there after stormy weather did a number on that sign, among other things. Here are some images from 2021.

Hopes of restoring re-opening the Sky Vue--including a "Save Sky Vue Twin Drive-In" Facebook page--have been largely dashed; the thinking is that the recent storm damage may have been the final nail in the coffin.

Still, hope springs eternal, and the attractiveness of seeing movies at a drive-in in the summertime might one day be enough for someone to pour the necessary energy and funding into such a project. Until then, the hoping and the waiting will continue.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Townsquare Media discourages investigating abandoned property without the express permission of the property owners.

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