Is your dog snorting, sneezing, coughing, suffering from fatigue, or exhibiting other signs of breathing problems? There's an upper respiratory infection on the rise in the area and here's how you can keep your furry family member safe.

Sarah Borkner on Unsplash
Sarah Borkner on Unsplash

My pups have suffered from a dry hacking cough in the past and it's scary for me, or any other pet owner for that matter. I felt helpless and just wanted the coughing to stop. That sound is something that you never want to hear coming from your sweet pooch. Chances are that you may be hearing that right at this moment.

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Local Veterinarian Issues Warning

A warning has been issued because of the rise in respiratory infections in dogs over the last few weeks. This virus is very contagious and they warn you to be cautious while taking your beloved pet to boarders, groomers, or doggie play parks. Veterinarians are urging dog owners to get the kennel cough vaccination for the best prevention against the disease. Especially if your pup is exposed to large groups of dogs. If your dog is suffering it's best to speak to your veterinarian for treatment options that are available and safe.

How Can You Prevent Upper Respiratory Issues in Your Pet?

As pet daycare, grooming, and boarding facilities register a spike in upper respiratory infection there are some precautions that you can take. Many of our local pet facilities have already closed for a short time, reduced the intake of pups, complete cleaning of the facility from top to bottom, and many other precautions are being put in place to keep our pets safe.

Wills Animal Hospital Statement

In a statement from Wills Animal Hospital, "As many may know, it seems that an upper respiratory cough has been showing its ugly face around town. We are recommending to use caution when taking your dog to boarding/grooming facilities, dog parks, or any large events that may involve congregations of dogs for the next several weeks. This cough seems similar to kennel cough and is proving to be very contagious, and dogs can readily transmit it by casual contact such as sniffing each other when on a walk, playing, or sharing water dishes.

Paws Town LLC Closes Until August 16th

In a statement from Paws Town, LLC from August 5th, 2021, "This is most likely the illness that we've seen diagnosed as kennel cough in the area. Please take precautions when allowing your dog to interact with others right now! We have seen "kennel cough" before, but this seems to spread much more easily than what we've seen in the past.
As a reminder, we are closed for daycare until August 16th and we strongly encourage our grooming clients to be sure to pick your pups up as soon as their appointment time is up. Boarding pups are receiving individualized playtime and potty breaks (or playtime with those from the same household only).

We appreciate everyone that has sacrificed so much to keep our dogs safe and protected. It doesn't go unnoticed!

Wills Animal Hospital
Wills Animal Hospital

Please take care of your precious furry family members during this stressful time. We'll be here for you along the way!

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