Friday night, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's office responded to an active shooter situation on the north side of Evansville.

According to our partners at Eyewitness News

UPDATE at 10:38pm CST:

One person is in custody.  The situation remains fluid.  And the area remains closed off as ambulances and emergency personnel respond to the scene.

UPDATE at 11:16pm CST:

From Evansville Police Department's Public Information Officer Jason Cullum . . .

The situation began at approximately 9:30pm at a residence in the 2400 block of North Kentucky (north of Diamond Avenue).  After responding to the initial 911 call, officers located a one victim outside said residence.  Responding officers were under fire from the suspect and several police vehicles were struck by gunfire.  The suspect fled into the neighborhood and was able to evade police temporarily.  However, officers managed to locate the suspect and one officer discharged a weapon.  The suspect was found in a yard and was transported to a local hospital.  He is currently held under police guard and is being treated for injuries.

As for the victim, there is no update on his condition.  Names are not being released at this time. No law enforcement officers were injured in the incident.

UPDATE at 12:00AM Saturday, May 12th

Authorities confirm that the shooting victim was pronounced dead at the scene.  He is identified as 56-year-old Jeffrey Kempf.  At this time, officials believe Mr. Kempf was randomly targeted by the shooter.