This is tough to write. When I saw the reports last week that actor Luke Perry had suffered a massive stroke, I was scared. But I thought, "he's 52, he's strong, and he'll be able to recover". Sadly, Perry did not recover

I can't begin to describe my love for Perry as Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills 902010. His character was cool, mysterious, and extremely moody. I don't think another actor could have brought all of this together while capturing the hearts of women my age all over the world. Those sideburns, come on.

He left the show in 1995 but returned for another stint in the late 90s until the show finally ended in 2000. Perry would go on to conquer the big screen in hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Fifth Element.

One film Perry did was a true story and a heartbreaker, 8 Seconds, the biopic about World Champion Bull Rider Lane Frost. The soundtrack peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Country Album Chart. One of those songs, Billy Dean's "Once in a While", is incredibly moving.

Perry had career resurgence with the role of Fred Andrews, father of Archie Andrews on The CW hit series Riverdale. I watch it too. He was not going to participate in a revival of the show that made him a star, 90210, which is scheduled to premiere on Fox this summer.

I know when famous people pass away, it shouldn't affect the people who didn't really know them, but this one hurts. Farewell Dylan.

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