Earlier this week, I decided to zip through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A to grab a quick lunch.  It was about 10:30 in the morning and I was headed back to the station for a Teams meeting and needed to eat before it.  Now, if you've ever been through the drive-thru at the Owensboro Chick-fil-A, you know they have it down to a science.  Cars can be completely wrapped around that building, in the Marriott parking lot and the staff will STILL have you in and out of there and it will be their pleasure doing it.  It's remarkable service virtually every single time.

On Tuesday, I was in Lane 2 and, I'll admit it, I ordered a #1 before it was officially lunchtime.  So, I was waiting a little longer than most everyone else.  That's when Adam, the guy delivering food to folks as they waited in their cars, came over to me to ask my name and what I ordered.  He said, "I got you," then went over to the window to look for my food.  Moments later, he came back, rather enthusiastically, and proudly said, "I told you I got you."  And he handed me my sack of food.

He then noticed that my sweatshirt said "WBKR" and he asked if I work there.  I answered, "Yes".  He then told me that he would love to work in broadcasting and asked if I had a card.  I didn't.  I'm so bad about carrying them and never have one on me.  I have a big old box of them somewhere in my office.  Emphasis on the word "somewhere."  Though I didn't have a card to share with Adam, I assured him that I am easy to find and would eventually be back through the drive-thru line.

What I noticed about Adam immediately that day was the enthusiasm he had for his job and every single person who came through the two lines.  He was greeting EVERYONE.  He was working those lanes like a hospitality champ.  He was chatting with folks, asking how they were doing and what they ordered.  There were folks he recognized and had even more detailed conversations with them. I mean, this guy absolutely embodied the Chick-fil-A "'It's my pleasure" mantra and he made sure that everyone who interacted with him felt appreciated and valued.

Rather coincidentally, on Wednesday morning I saw a post about Adam on my friend Cindy Heep's Facebook page.  She had a very similar encounter with him and absolutely sang his praises on social media.  Here's what she shared:

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Cindy joined Angel and me on the show this morning to chat about Adam and her experiences with him.

Chick-fil-A saw Cindy's post and were thrilled to be able to share it with their customer base as well.  The last couple of days, Adam has been making the same impact on social media that he makes in the drive-thru line.  Truly, we'd all be lucky to that enthusiastic.

Naturally, since I had my own encounter with Adam, I wanted to share his story too here at WBKR.  We like feel-good stories and we love any chance we get to sing the praises on folks in our community who go out of their way to spread joy and love. It's a routine occurrence at Chick-fil-A for folks to pay it forward. So, here goes.

I have the power to pay it forward and I am going to.  I am going to make good on the brief conversation I had with Adam.  I told him I am easy to find.  Guess what?  He didn't even have to look.

Here at WBKR,  we're going to give Adam a taste of broadcasting.  Later this month, when Angel's on vacation, I am going to have Adam join me on the WBKR morning show as a guest DJ!  While it's not quite a broadcasting career, it's certainly a taste of the business and will give him a feel for what it's like to be on the radio.  And, to borrow the popular Chick-fil-A phrase, it will be "my pleasure" in giving him the mic for a morning.

Adam, you know where to find me.  Holler at your boy.  I got you.


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