I recently checked our schedule for every weekend leading up to Christmas--which is ON a weekend (Sunday) this year--and I came to the conclusion that there aren't enough weekends between November 1st and December 25th.

There CERTAINLY aren't between this date and Christmas, so we'll have to use a good bit of strategy to plan holiday activities between now and then. (The little devil on my shoulder is saying, "Good luck with that." The angel is saying, "You've got this!" I'll let THEM hash it out.)


In other words, where in the world am I going to slot in a visit to what looks like a magical Christmas wonderland in Louisville? I may have to do a "bundle." I mean, if it works for streaming services, it can work for weekend road trips. I'll MAKE it work, let's say; score one for the ANGEL on my shoulder.


I have actually come close to visiting the Waterfront Botanical Gardens in Louisville on three other occasions, but plans fell through. It's one of the city's relatively newest and most popular attractions, and, in fact, it has yet to be completed.

It was a year and a half ago when a $65 million expansion was announced, and there's STILL more to come after the Japanese Garden is complete.


The Waterfront Botanical Gardens figures to be an attractive destination on a NATIONWIDE basis sooner rather than later. But despite the fact that it is still a "work in progress," for all intents and purposes, it has been drawing crowds, right and left, this holiday season thanks to Gardens Aglimmer:

A sparkling winter wonderland of swans, snowflakes, deer, Moravian stars, oversized flowers, light bursts, candles, and a multicolor tunnel of lights.

Santa Claus will be on hand, of course, AND in his sleigh. Plus, holiday beverages will be available for purchase. Grown-ups can order them spiked.

You've heard the song a million times; now you really CAN walk through a winter wonderland.

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Images from Lights Under Louisville

The Louisville Mega Cavern is a must. After driving through Lights Under Louisville, we'll be returning for whatever the attraction presents, regardless of the holiday. It's fascinating and tons of fun.

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