Next Wednesday, we're going to wrap up our 2019 Yard Party series here at WBKR.  We're excited to announce that Aid the Homeless is joining us for a big cookout.  Here's what they're serving up.


Aid the Homeless is offering bag lunches for just $5 a piece. Each lunch will include a burger, chips, drink and a cookie.  And 100% of the proceeds will benefit the charity.

Plus, Lindzey Trogdon and Lee Upton, who are partnering together for the Yard Party, are offering delivery options as well.

WBKR's 2019 Yard Party series is proudly sponsored by Budget Blinds.  Thanks to YOUR generosity and that of endless volunteers that have helped make this year a success, this year's cookouts have raised well over $10,000 for local charities!

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