It has come to the attention of the Rockport, Indiana authorities that an unlicensed peddler is selling jugs of pesticide that are not labeled as such.

14News-WFIE's Sean Edmondson, who spoke to the Office of Indiana State Chemist, is reporting that someone in the Rockport area, who is not licensed to sell, DID sell jugs that might contain a weed killer.

This pesticide, called paraquat, is federally restricted and can be life-threatening if ingested.

Obviously, the biggest threat would be if you have it in your home where children are present who can see the jug labeled as "water." If you have any information regarding this seller, you should call the Office of Indiana State Chemist at 800-893-6637 or

Please also call the Rockport Police Department at 812-649-6049.


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