The number of active residence halls at Western Kentucky University has ballooned to 15--soon to be 16 when Barnes Campbell Hall is demolished in 2021 and its replacement and the recently razed Bemis Lawrence Hall's replacement are built.

And now, according to WNKY-Bowling Green, all 15 of those dorms now have a patrol.

The campus police force has a station but has never dispatched its officers to individual residence halls on a regular beat.

The officers will make periodic random stops at the dormitories in order to get to know the students who live there.

WNKY says the goal of the assignments is to forge a comfortable relationship between residents and the WKU Police Department.

One officer will be a assigned multiple dorms, but no more than three.

When I was a student at Western, I frequently saw the WKU patrol cars on campus, but there were never regular visits to the dorms like the ones that have already begun.


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